F1 confirmed new Sprint Shootout format for 2023 Season


F1 confirmed new Sprint Shootout format for 2023 Season


Formula 1 is set to Introduce a New format 


In 2023, Formula 1 is set to introduce a new format for Sprint weekends. In addition to the schedule, the Sprint Shootout will be the name of a second qualifying session.

This season's six Sprint weekends, starting with the Azerbaijan Grand Prix will use a fresh layout approved by the F1 Commission and World Motor Sport Council during the week.

Since their debut in Formula 1 in 2021, Sprint weekends have utilized a format wherein a qualifying session on Friday would determine the grid for a shortened race on Saturday. The results of this race would then set the order for Sunday's Grand Prix.

Friday's qualifying session will determine the grid for Sunday's race. However, the Sprint Shootout will now take place on Saturday, and it will have a standalone double to decide the order for the upcoming 100km race.


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